Gillian & David wedding in newcastle

Gillian & David – Colorful Wedding in Newcastle

Shotton Grange a wedding venue in Newcastle

Another wedding up North. The wedding took place in Newcastle on 7th May 2022 in the beautiful surroundings of one of the best wedding venues in Newcastle, the Shotton Grange hotel. That was my first wedding in Newcastle and I was a bit struggling with their specific accent called Geordie. It is lovely though, and fascinating how differently people can speak in the same country. At the end of the day I was a proper Geordie bloke! Gillian and David are both very into fitness, the same as me so that was a nice connection between us. 

Gillian and David’s Magical wedding in Newcastle.

One of my favorite places to capture the bride and groom in all their glory is a serene location in the countryside. A similar opportunity came in the form of Gillian and David’s wedding, which took place up North in the beautiful and scenic location of Shotton Grange Hotel, one of the most exquisite wedding venues in Newcastle. The hotel was located just slightly outside the city life of Newcastle, providing the perfect blend of accessibility and calmness for a busy wedding day.

The wedding took place on 7th May 2022. This was a very special one as it marked my first wedding event in Newcastle, and needless to say, it was magical. The locals in Newcastle speak in a distinctive accent called Geordie, which initially was a bit hard to grasp.

But by the time I was done with the wedding, Geordie had become second nature. As I move across different towns to cover weddings, it is a blessing to be a part of such fascinating experiences – like how people living in the same country can have many differences in cultures.

The Stars of the Day and ruined wedding dress !

Now on to the stars of the day – Gillian and David. They were absolute sweethearts and downright amazing. I instantly connected with the bride and the groom over our shared love for everything fitness and health, though there was still a delicious wedding cake.

One moment during the shoot was a surprising revelation for me as well as a breath of fresh air. I wanted to bring something unique for Gillian and David’s wedding photoshoot, so I asked them if they would be up for some photos with the smoke bombs. They heartily agreed. I didn’t realise that the smoke bombs may cause dirt on their clothes, unfortunately they did and something unfortunate happened! Gillian was adorned in a beautiful white satin dress. The smoke bombs splashed some coloured soot on the bride’s dress. Luckily for me the bride was amazed with the photos I took and she did not bother about her dress. Lately, after the wedding she emailed me that all the stains were removed easily…ufff…. what a relief!

Photos are not just static prints. They are dynamic memories, each smile filled with raw emotions. And so, you should never compromise on the photo quality of your special event. If you need the services of a wedding photographer in Newcastle, hit me to capture your special moments.

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