Black and white photo of the bride and her guests.


My style is unique and has its roots in documentary wedding photography – this is why I capture your wedding just as I see it, and limit my focus to a handful of posing shots.

Even the B&G portrait shoot is informal, fun and relaxed – it is much like a short walk together, where I will help you relax, laugh and enjoy a short time away from the movement of your wedding. Besides, you won’t have much time alone for the rest of the day!

My wedding photography editing style is natural and classic; I can guarantee your wedding photos will never go out of fashion!


As you might know, I am Damian. I’m from Poland, but for many years, Great Britain has been my home. To me, the word ‘home’ is highly significant. Me and my brother were raised by a single mother, which has given me the realisation of how important it is to have roots, a caring family and a place to call home. I am also husband to my beautiful wife, Monika, and father to our incredibly smart Natan, our 9 years old son, who is always full of ideas and creative spark. As for the smaller member of our family, Dollar, he’s our comical Shih-Tzu, who puts a smile on our face for every single moment of the day. I am a family person who has a passion for travelling, loves dogs and appreciates spending time with friends.


We are a very joyful family and we take pride in being ambitious. My family is the source of my strength, and the greatest inspiration for my work. They are also the reason I work so hard and give it my 100% every single time, and challenge myself to become a better person, better father, better husband and better photographer!

Documentary Wedding Photographer


I feel so fortunate that I am able to do what I am most passionate about. Photography is a beautiful form of self-expression and a way to make a living all the while. I can’t imagine doing anything else! I enjoy getting an insight into couples’ journey into married life. I take pleasure in getting to know them and understanding what sets them apart from the crowd. It is a huge source of pride for me to be the person who photographs the most important day of their lives.

Personally, I am also a huge travel fan! Long hikes through the mountains with friends and sleeping outdoors is my cup of tea. Breathtaking views and a group of people with whom I can feel good is what makes my day. Having a break from cosmopolitan life, in a state of absolute serenity, gives me the opportunity to clear my mind and boost my creativity.

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