wedding photographer in barnsley

Wedding Photographer in Barnsley

Wedding photographer in barnsley  – answers

There are many questions that I believe that may come up when you are wondering about my services as a photographer, such as:

  • How much do I, as a wedding photographer acting in Barnsley and the surrounding areas, cost?
  • How much is the deposit for booking the date with me?
  • What will you get in the package you choose?
  • How long will you wait for the delivery of photos?
  • What is my style and skill level?
  • How are you able to arrange the service (face-to-face or online)?

The good thing is: I completely understand your doubts and I am here to answer.

about packages

My services were designed to provide three variants, with prices varying according to the aspects of each package, in which each client could choose whichever was more interesting of their situation:

The Platinum/Gold Package is the one for those who like to have everything they could possibly need or wish within their reach. It counts with a 12-hour coverage including an elegant wedding album, prints, and a wedding day outdoor session.

The Silver Package is the one of those who doesn’t exactly need every single aspect of a photography service, but want to prioritize what is essential for them, such as the digital files and possibility to purchase the albums or prints. It counts up to 8-hour coverage from the preparations of the bride until the speeches and include a wooden memory stick.

The Bronze Package is for those who aren’t able to purchase everything they wish, but still want quality and care to a special date. It counts with a 4-hour coverage of the ceremony, including arrival at the ceremony, ceremony, signing of the register, group shoots and relaxed couple portraits. 

but what if you want a special album?

There is no issue! You can add an album to your package, with 20 40x30cm spreads, for £300. The incredible set will include a decorative protective box, in addition to a memory stick with all the photos from your wedding.

I like to take care of each album carefully, making it truly become a trajectory of this special day. Going through each photo and moment, I choose their sequence so they will portray the beauty and love of this moment from the early moments to the very end. You can take small glance at examples of this beautiful setting visiting the Prices & Contact tab.


Wedding Photos

During a wedding, I take more than a thousand photos, which go through a thorough selection to filter only the best results, with the most pleasant presence of details. With care and love, I arrange them according to the wedding journey, making them count a story, including the preparations, the ceremony and the party. At the end, the number of selected photos vary from 100 to 600 depends of package.

Photo Album or Wooden Box

This element is a singular photo keeper that includes the wedding journey I will have selected especially for your moment. The chosen prints will be found in an elegant photo album, or inside a customized wooden box, with a personalized logo and name style. Every one of them include a memory stick for you to be able to have more memories to recall and to produce prints according to your wish.

Photo Prints

The prints that were chosen to become physical are moments that shall be captured and passed through generations for the families that were made in these special moments. Therefore, the package may include 100 to 150 prints in 10x15cm format, with a professional quality that will allow them to not fade after some years.

Online Gallery

The photography packages I offer all count with an online personalized gallery, which will allow you all to send your photos to whoever is important to share them with within one click. Share your happiness and your love with your family and friends in an easy and simple manner!

Customized Photo Album

Choose me and let me be the agent of perpetuation of your story. The additional personalized album, one that will be designed especially for you, may be the one thing that is missing from your unforgettable collection of memories. Take a look and be mesmerized in the Prices & Contact tab.


Each package I offer includes a trip into Barnsley and the all Yorkshire surroundings, such as Leeds, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Wakefield, York, Doncaster, Hull, Bradford, Halifax, Scarborough and Harrogate. But, please, do not think I am limited to these areas! Although I am a Barnsley Wedding Photographer, I will go wherever I’m needed only for an additional cost: over the range of 100 miles, each mile I travel will cost £1.


There are some doubts regarding how to properly schedule your special day with me. The procedure for it is simple, but patterned. Booking a service requires signing a contract, which will demand an immediate initial deposit of £100, not counting with the rest of the costs that must be paid later. After your deposit, the date you have chosen will be reserved by me and my team only for you, assuring you I will be there to record every single detail of the ceremony.

Could I temporarily hold off the date for you?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. I would love to be at your wedding ceremony, but I cannot treat any client with more care than others; therefore, the scheduling must be based on the contract solely. Furthermore, my number of requests as a Barnsley Wedding Photographer is too big to hold off dates for certain individuals, especially from April to September, during the Full Wedding Season.


I know that you all wish to see the amazing vision of your ceremony as soon as possible, but to make your memories unforgettable, I need to give it proper time and attention. Therefore, I require a fair amount of 30 days to send you the results. I understand the wait may be terrible for some, so don’t worry – one of my policies is no delays. I start working on the editing and improving the day after the wedding, giving myself 100% to this wonderful work.


I know it might be odd to hear from the quality of a work from the worker itself, but I am proud to state my works have always been an example of the professionalism of a proper Barnsley Wedding Photographer. I deeply care for the safety, quality and experience that I present with my services. Every picture is bound to my standards, being an example of what a photographer must be. Additionally, I make sure that every camera has a back-up technology working so no work will be lost, and that there will always be a second information and record storage system to avoid any failure.


Although this article is bound to many information, I will always be available to discuss any doubts you may have! The main contact means is throughout the Contact Form. I will, then, invite you for a coffee somewhere, or only to share it throughout a video conversation. This will be a conversation, and not an obligatory meeting! I wish to know you as much as you do to me. I know that those who search for my work are admires of the sensitivity and beauty of a wedding day as much as I am.

Therefore, there are the options of signing the contract in person and on-line! Distance shall never be a problem, and I shall reach out to whoever needs me, given the right circumstances.


This is every detail you may possibly want to know about. There are no secrets between us anymore – you know everything important. And, if this is not enough, I am always here to take any doubts!

Contact me via the Contact Form and let’s get the magic of your day started and recorded forever!

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