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Daniel & Faith’s wedding at The Old Bridge Hotel in Huntingdon 

Wedding photographer in Peterborough

This time I travelled down south to the city of Peterborough. That was on a pretty warm day in the middle of July 2022 and it was my first time in this area. As usual I started my full wedding day with the groom’s preps. Daniel and his mates waited for me at one of the rooms located in the church they got married in later on. Groom’s preps are always easy to deal with and it never takes more than, let’s say, a half an hour.

This time wasn’t different, the boys were in a good mood and they laughed a lot pulling Daniel’s leg all the time. Because of that I was able to catch some honest, natural smiles on their faces. Everything went smoothly and after a while I marked the first task completed as a wedding photographer in Peterborough that day.

Family is happiness

After a good start with the groomsmen I headed to the bride’s parents house to meet Faith and her bridal party crew. The house was full of happy ladies, but much to my surprise it wasn’t a big chaos there and the bride seemed to be chilled and relaxed. 

Faith’s mum, sister and a group of bridesmaids were helping in her wedding preps. Forgive me, but as a man I always wonder about one thing. How do the brides manage to convince the bridesmaids to wear very similar creations on such a prestigious day as a friend’s wedding? 

What I noticed is that women like to be one of a kind at any party and if they meet a random person dressed in the same dress it can ruin their night. Maybe, as a dad and husband I still don’t really understand women’s nature. Maybe that’s how real friendship looks like.

Wedding ceremony at Bretton Baptist Church in Peterborough

Where to begin? At Bretton Baptist Church you will be welcomed into a friendly, casual environment. That is what they said on their website and it is a 100% pure true quote! The church did not impress me as an architectural work of art but stole my heart after seeing such an energetic pastor and singing artists inside the building!

The ceremony was full of live modern music, lots of guitar, drums and keyboard piano sounds, filled the hall. One of the singers turned out to be Faith’s sister and one of the bridesmaids played the keyboard! That made the event so special and unforgettable for the newly married couple. For me the ceremony was unique and rewarded my day as a wedding photographer in Peterborough.

Are you looking for wedding venues in Peterborough? If so check this out!

The Old Bridge Hotel in Huntingdon is definitely worth considering as a wedding venue in the Peterborough area. The Old Bridge is a stunning, 18th century townhouse hotel. The building is dressed in green ivy leaves and surrounded by a garden. 

The garden was a maze of perfect hedges of different colours and shapes, lines of trees with perfectly trimmed branches and several lawns covered in carefully maintained grass. It sits on the banks of the River Great Ouse, but also on the edge of the town centre. All that makes the place perfect for your wedding photo shoot.

The wedding photo shoot by the River Great Ouse

I didn’t think long before the wedding party started for good and I took Faith and Daniel for a walk with my camera. The time we spent together was fun and relaxed as I always want it to be while doing the couples photo shoot.

Before each wedding I ask my couples if they want to do something special for their big day. This time I asked them to write a short love letter and then read them to each other. Not many people are romantic enough to do that, thankfully Faith & Daniel were up for it! To be honest I was hoping to catch some tears of happiness while they read the letters. In fact, things went in a different direction and instead of tears I have lots of beautiful smiles and true giggles captured in the photographs. 

The first dance & Macarena!

When the guests got relaxed and the temperature cooled down a bit the wedding was in full swing. After the first dance and some rock n’ roll on the dance floor people felt a desire for Macarena! Most of the young generation guests went to the outside garden and started twisting, jumping and all that kind of bunny hopping dance figures to the rhythm of Macarena!

I couldn’t imagine a better ending to the wedding day. Now having plenty of superb photos taken I am happy to call it a day, and wish myself more and more days like that as a wedding photographer in Peterborough. 

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