At King's Croft Hotel


WEDDING AT the King's croft hotel

Last month, on April 16th, I was able to take part in one of the most beautiful weddings at The King’s Croft Hotel. The ceremony, marked by a beautiful blue and white setting, and a loving couple that wished to celebrate their entanglement with their families being united, happened in a safe manner in one of the most delightful wedding spots of Pontefract.

The Couple

Jackie and Barry irradiated a traditional energy that embodied the strong and patient love that we all wish for a lifetime. Opting for a small ceremony, I could see they both chose for a bit of the both worlds of wedding: they wished for something traditional, but modern, something I found very unique in their vision.

Although there were only 15 people in this ceremony, their love was so strong that the amount of people was not a problem at all. Through my lenses, all I could gather was the happiness of willingly bonding two souls for life. As a result, this wedding was a prime example of love and tradition.

Wedding Venue in Pontefract

pontefract wedding venue

This Wedding at the King’s Croft Hotel made us able to realize that the hotel is one of the most fitting sightings for a beautiful engagement. The outdoors is perfect for the greatest variety of occasions, including amazing weddings that can be fitting of the most traditional means, or the most modern thoughts.

From what I could gather, everything done with love would be a delightful view in this wonderful place. The pavilion, in particular, is incredibly romantic and intimate, being perfect for couples that want, above anything, rejoice on their love and cheerfulness. If following this logic, every ceremony, as Jackie and Barry’s was, will be breathtaking and outstanding, deserving of memories that shall never be forgotten.

Traditional but Refreshing Outdoors

If anyone takes a good look at this place, they will realize it is like a treasure found within a wide ocean. When you are on the outdoors, you cannot help but feel comfortable surrounded by the green landscapes of the Hotel. It makes you feel like you may be trapped in the best dream of your life.

When you get inside of the pavilion, you feel even more that you are trapped in a dream – but now not only the best, but the most romantic too. The King’s Croft Hotel is not only a place to feel amazed by the love of a passionate couple, but to wish to be in their skin too. It is not only a setting; it feels almost like heaven on Earth.

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