How to Pose Naturally on Your Wedding Day

How to Pose Naturally on Your Wedding Day?

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When it comes to those posed sessions during your wedding day, I’m all about keeping it chill. I never want to force anyone into posing for the camera – I’d much rather just go for a relaxed walk with you and capture the real moments as they happen.

Capture the Moment: Relaxed Posing Tips for Your Wedding

Let’s face it, most people, including myself, feel a bit awkward in front of the camera. So, instead of trying to direct you into every little pose, I prefer to let things flow naturally. Of course, if I see a tweak here or there that could make the shot even better, I’ll gently guide you, but I want you to feel comfortable and be yourselves.

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10 Relaxed Wedding Poses for Natural, Authentic Photos

Now, there are a few key things I focus on when it comes to natural posing: connection, movement, and freedom. These are the ingredients for those authentic shots that really capture your love story. So, I want to share with you my top 10 go-to wedding poses that I use at every wedding.

Let’s dive in:

1. Chest to Chest - Toe-to-Toe

This one’s simple – just turn towards each other and get as close as possible. Whisper sweet nothings or just gaze into each other’s eyes, trying not to laugh. Believe me, it’ll not be that easy. 🙂 It’s all about that intimate connection.

How to Pose Naturally on Your Wedding Day
2. Head Cuddling or Forehead to Forehead

Take it up a notch from chest to chest by touching your foreheads together. It’s cute, it’s cosy, and it always gets a giggle.

Head Cuddling or Forehead to Forehead - wedding pose
3. Wall Bokeh Shot

For this shot I like to use a wall, bushes, or anything else that creates a leading line and directs the eyes to the couple. Lean against it while your partner gets up close – it adds a touch of romance to your photos.

Your Guide to Effortless Wedding Poses
4. Small Spoon Cuddle or Bear Hug

Wrap your arms around each other tightly – but remember, no belly hugs! Keep it cute and intimate. Often, I ask the groom to whisper something in a very sexy voice to the bride’s ear, then she tries to look back at him in this weird position – that always makes them laugh. So, get ready for a good giggle!

Bear Hug a wedding pose
5. Reverse Spoon

Mix it up by letting the groom be the little spoon. It’s a fun twist on a classic pose. Generally, for this pose, the groom is in the front and the bride is in the back. It’s funny when the couple jokes about how the guy gets to be the small spoon :).

6. Walking Towards the Camera

Let’s add some movement! Just walk and talk with each other, no need to stare directly at the camera. For this shot, I like to use some prompts to get some lovely smiles out of you! I tend to ask my couples to walk and do ‘’hips boom’’ or ‘’share a kiss’’ while walking. So go ahead, strut your stuff and let those natural smiles shine!

Wedding day the couple's portraits - Whitley Hall Hotel Sheffield
7. Wide Side Walking

Walk side by side with a little space between you, showing off your stride as a newlywed couple. Here’s a tip: I don’t want you to look like one person is pulling the other; instead, think of it as guiding your partner off to the future as a newly married couple. 🙂

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8. The Simple Pose

Keep it simple – you can stand close or apart looking at each other or just stand and look at the camera, even looking in opposite directions turns out as a nice shot! Don’t worry, we’ll mix it up with different poses to keep things interesting.

The simple wedding pose
9. Dance & Twirl

Slow dance together and maybe throw in a twirl for good measure. It’s all about capturing those natural smiles and laughs.

10. Looking at the Camera

Okay, we’ll throw in a few classic shots for the family album. Just hold each other close and give me your best smiles.

So, that’s my approach to posing – relaxed, fun, and natural. I want you to forget about the camera and just focus on each other. Trust me, it’ll make for some amazing photos that truly capture your love.

I hope these tips help you feel more at ease about the whole posing thing. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and be yourselves!

Looking forward to capturing your special day,

Damian 🙂

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