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Jackie&Barry's story

  • On April 16th, in Doncaster, I was gifted with the honor of recording the everlasting memories of love of Jackie and Barry’s wedding ceremony. I can only be thankful for being allowed to presence and record every moment of their beautiful entanglement, lending my vision of their passion and friendship through the eyes of my lenses.

    Jackie and Barry’s ceremony took place in The King’s Croft Hotel, one of the most beautiful wedding settings of Pontefract. The ceremony had only some few people, counting with only 15 guests, as COVID restrictions are still necessary.

     Even so, the wedding was plenty in happiness, shedding a light that could easily embrace as many people witnessed such a beautiful moment. It had a bit of everything I love to see in a wedding: the freshness of a young couple in love, the traditional wedding settings, and the beauty of a dream being shared by a whole family.

    I was able to take part in every stage of the ceremony, starting early with its preparation. As the groom was a bit late – perhaps to give us a bit of mystery and fear that is bound to every good adventure – I glanced, at first, upon the bride and her bridesmaids. Every moment that we shared was bound of gentleness, cheerfulness and, most of all, love. We could see through the bride’s eyes that love was indeed the strongest force to surround us that date. She was irradiating joy as the sun irradiates light for us. I did not expect to be so touched by their love, but there was no way anyone would not be.

    Not only the bride was an incredible example of joy, but also the ones around her as well. Her beautiful family and friends did not only make part of such a wonderful date, but composed the essence of it as well. Perhaps, without them, this experience wouldn’t be as touching as it was; for this, I thank every single one of them as well.

    Lastly but not least, the groom finally ended his suspense and gave us a taste of what a strong love looks like. The look on his face did not only express love, but also the happiness of sharing a life with a friend, a lover and a guardian. And, in the end, with a bit of blue, a lot of beauty, and both lovers making a whole, this wedding was as grand as it was expected of it to be. Everyone was touched by their love and joy; and, the best of it all: everyone did it safely.

    Again, thank you for this opportunity, and thank you for being one more example of love to inspire our hearts.

    My best wishes,


Bohemian style

  • Eleonora & Denis’s love was defined as simple and tender. Their small Boho Wedding couldn’t be more like them. The couple allowed me to take part in one of the most important days of their lives, one that they defined as the happiest and most waited moment for them. Every moment I was granted to spend with them was magical, as I could see their soul throughout every movement and every smile they shared. The feeling was even more overwhelming when it is paired with the detailed unique Boho style of their choice, giving the comfort of stunning outdoor settings and rustic decoration.

Pre-wedding shoot at flamborough cliffs

  • Daniela and Luke’s love has always been intense and passionate! And their location of choice for their wedding could portray exactly their couple persona. Every gaze and every touch were deeply passionate, making me feel like they have just fell in love. I was even more struck by their love with the settings of Flamborough Cliffs and the Northern Sea. That background makes, their naturality in sharing their moments even more transparent. Like many others, this experience was just as positive for me. Sharing these unique moments and emotions is what makes everything worth it!

wedding photography barnsley

  • Anna and Thomas  have always been defined as a serious couple. Even though they were incredibly able to show new colors on their wedding ceremony, something that perhaps they only kept to themselves. I was privileged with the opportunity of capturing the elegance and beauty of their special day. Meanwhile, I was able to see their positivity, their passion and their emotional side, something which I consider more special than anything else.

  • Weronika and Piotr

    Although ceremonies have to be small in this difficult time, the love that they bring could not be bigger. I was able to witness it throughout Weronika and Piotr’s small wedding, and their happiness in sharing a love that is to bring a life very soon. The young couple decided to celebrate their wedding in a simple manner, but filled with tenderness and joy for uniting a so-wished family.

    All I can do now is wish this new family all happiness and health they deserve, and thank them for sharing their love with me. My work is not only about putting my vision into mesmerizing weddings, but, most importantly, record the love that shall be remembered throughout ages, something I was able to do and see in this beautiful ceremony. May this love last forever, and be the heritage of their newborn family!


  • Love is the greatest thing that could happen to someone, especially when you find the right one. They are someone you love to have around, someone that always know what to say to make you smile. You look at them and feel like you could look at them forever if you were given the chance.
    I know this feeling well, the one of wishing to save a moment and keep it forever in your mind – and I make that possible.
  • Allow me to see the beauty of your relationship throughout the eyes of me lenses. I will capture your love in records that will be remembered even after death, an undying part of your history.