Wedding Venue in Leek

Wedding Venue in Leek-The Three Horseshoes Country Inn & Spa

Capturing Moments of Love and Laughter at a Charming Wedding Venue in Leek

For me, it was a two-hour journey through breathtaking landscapes to The Three Horseshoes Country Inn & Spa, a remarkable wedding venue nestled in the heart of Leek. As I arrived, the sky was clear, and the temperature began its swift ascent, promising a perfect day ahead.

Starting the day with the bride’s preparations, I captured the excitement and anticipation that filled the air. The bride, passionate about her psychology studies and a dedicated ‘gym goer’ with an undeniable love for food, radiated a beauty that was both internal and external. The groom, a connoisseur of beer and a master of laughter, added his charm to every moment.

Their love story began during the ‘beast from the east’ snowstorm, an unexpected encounter that would shape the course of their lives. Six years have passed since that serendipitous meeting, transitioning from friends to lovers, and culminating in three years of officially being together. A testament to their love, their journey now includes a precious two-year-old daughter, the embodiment of their shared dreams.

the wedding ceremony

The ceremony was short and sweet, a reflection of their love that needed no grand gestures. At the ceremony, there was an abundance of smiles exchanged between the couple and tears of happiness glistening in the eyes of the guests. It was a celebration of their journey so far and a promising start to the beautiful adventure that lay ahead.

wedding day portraits

As the sun began its descent, we ventured out to capture some truly magical couple portraits. Bathed in the golden hues of the setting sun, the bride and groom were framed against the stunning backdrop of ”The Roaches”, a landscape that seemed to echo the beauty of their love.

Adjacent to this enchanting wedding venue lies the mesmerizing expanse of The Roaches. Managed by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, The Roaches offers a panoramic feast for the eyes. Its soaring rock faces and heather-clad hillsides make it a photographer’s paradise, drawing visitors from far and wide. This landscape isn’t just picturesque; it’s a haven for wildlife. Designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), it hosts a diverse range of habitats and rare species, making it a treasure trove for nature enthusiasts.

The Three Horseshoes - Where Dreams Come True

Nestled in the serene Staffordshire Peak District, The Three Horseshoes Country Inn & Spa is the epitome of wedding perfection. From intimate civil ceremonies to grand wedding breakfasts, its captivating gardens and breathtaking views over The Roaches create an ideal setting for every moment of your special day.

Your journey begins in their Wedding Preparation Suite, a spacious and elegant space for you and your bridal party to prepare for the big reveal. With ceremonies indoors or in our gardens, you’re surrounded by beauty at every turn.

wedding venue in Leek
wedding wenue in Leek

Their meticulously manicured grounds and terraces provide the perfect backdrop for capturing those unforgettable wedding day portraits. Whether you’re embracing the rolling hills or seeking shelter beneath our outdoor canopy, your memories will be framed in natural beauty.


wedding venue in Leek

The wedding celebrations continue with a selection of thoughtfully designed wedding packages, ensuring that every detail is curated to perfection. Your dedicated wedding co-coordinator will be there to guide you, allowing you to savor every moment of your perfect day.

wedding venue in Leek
wedding venue in Leek
wedding cake

As the evening unfolds, the celebration takes center stage. From a variety of buffet options to in-house DJs spinning tunes that span the eras, the joy of the day evolves into a lively dance under the stars.

wedding venue in Leek

The Three Horseshoes Country Inn & Spa wedding venue in Leek –

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