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5 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

5 Mistakes All Brides Need to Avoid

Planning a wedding and making sure that everything goes to plan is a huge undertaking. It is hard enough to plan such an important event without factoring in the nerves of having to commit to a significant someone for better or for worse.

It is no surprise that many couples end up making some crucial mistakes that need to be avoided so as not to bear the consequences later. Brides, in particular, are very much involved in the wedding planning process. After all, it’s their day, which is why being aware of the most common mistakes they can make is important.


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1. Crossing the allotted budget

All couples have a budget allocated for their wedding. Many times, brides can end up spending much more than the budget limit available. Maybe it’s to buy that dream dress or book a perfect venue. The issue arises when the wedding is over, and the financial reality of the situation needs to be addressed. Most couples argue and fight due to finances, so a lavish wedding ironically can lead to a wedge in the relationship. It is far better to stick to a budget and avoid running into financial difficulties early in the marriage.

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2. Going overboard with planning

Many brides become a little too immersed in wedding planning. It is a stressful experience, but some brides make it a point to micromanage. They try to control every little detail. And when things do not go according to the plan, it can end up ruining the whole event for them. Going overboard with the wedding planning takes all the joy out of the actual day.

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3. Following wedding trends blindly

Brides nowadays have plenty of content to draw inspiration from. Wedding photography on social media platforms like Instagram inspires couples to immolate the latest trends. Destination weddings, weddings themed around the latest movie, or the reenactment of a viral video all sound good in theory but can seem silly in hindsight. These trends can appear contrived or forced and take out the charm of the whole event. The most important thing is to remain genuine. This means incorporating trendy elements but also keeping those aspects that are original and unique to the couple.  

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4. Listening to everyone’s opinion

While getting advice from friends and family can be a good thing, it can be hard to incorporate everyone’s opinions. If a bride is indecisive, it can lead to issues with the wedding planning process. Instead of involving too many people, keep the planning process limited to the wedding planner and the couple getting married.

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5. Not enjoying the big day

Weddings are a celebration of a couple’s love for each other. It is a joyous occasion on which the people close to the couple gather to witness the union. Brides need to enjoy and have fun, but many forget to do so. They become too concerned with the preparations and what other people may think that they tend to lose sight of the most important aspect of the marriage; being happy.


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