Leicester Wedding Photographer

Leicester wedding photographer

Karina & Ahmed at the city rooms

This time I had the good fortune of being a Leicester wedding photographer  for a lovely couple in a setting that was straight out of a fairytale. The City Rooms located in the heart of Leicester is an architectural masterpiece in the Georgian style. I captured the exquisite facade of the City Rooms. And I got the opulent interior to highlight the scale of the grandeur of the wedding.

Every wedding couple is unique and has different preferences when it comes to tying the knot. Some go for a low-key affair; others go all out and turn up the festivities. One type of wedding that has always fascinated me personally as a photographer is fairytale weddings. The reason, they look great in pictures.

If you are looking for a beautiful wedding venue in Leicester, why not take a look at their offer here The City Rooms.

The City Rooms - georgian style wedding venue in the heart of Leicester city centre

The sprawling staircase with gilded rales and the massive windows that let the sunlight stream inside were photographed. That too, along with the crystal chandeliers that hung from the ceilings. The ballroom where the marriage ceremony took place was beautifully decorated. It was done with immaculately laid-out round tables. There was also a grand piano to complete the royal look.

Ahmed, the groom, and Karina, the day’s blushing bride, made the perfect duo for the venue. Both looked stunning dressed to the ninths. What’s more, I was able to get some breathtaking pictures of the couple on the grand staircase as well as with the piano. I personally fell in love with those Georgian style windows, because of a huge amount of natural light they gave me a perfect look on the couple’s portraits. To be honest I am a bit jealous of the Leicester wedding photographers for having that stunning wedding venue in their city. Just a bit! 🙂 

Classic & Elegant

Everything from the food to the ambiance, the people, and the music was top class. The hotel staff were very helpful to me as well as to every guest of the wedding! I really appreciated that the couple treated me as one of their guests and let me sit at one of the tables and tried delicious oriental food 🙂 Honestly, that was the first time I ate something so good! Furthermore, the pictures of that day encapsulate just how wonderful everything was. This Leicester wedding venue definitely played a critical role in setting the entire day, and it was an honor for me to photograph such a majestic place. 

Family & Friends - A dream of every Leicester wedding photographer

It is the dream of any Leicester wedding photographer to get pictures that capture memories and appear as works of art. Writing this I think that Ahmed and Karina’s wedding was photographed just like a work of art due to the beauty of the City Rooms. I am proud of my work. Moreover, I am looking forward to the couple admiring the images every time they go through their wedding album.

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