Patrycja & Chris Wedding



10th July, the day started with a gusty blustery morning. I had a good breakfast with a great plan of action for the day in mind. I had to shoot Patrycja and Chris’s wedding and to be honest with you guys, I was very excited to shoot their wedding and capture their moments. 

Since Patrycja’s dad and I used to work together that is why I was selected to shoot Patrycja’s wedding, and I wanted to put in all my efforts to make the day memorable for each one of them. I have met the couple before their wedding and found them perfect for each other. The best part of shooting the two people who madly love each other and are getting married is that there would be less posing and more candid. Being someone who likes to keep things simple and capture joyous moments effortlessly, would always love to work with people who believe in natural and real scenarios and are less demanding.

Patrycja and Chris are a charming young couple and a special one too because it rarely happened in my journey of wedding photography so far that a bride and groom belong to two different cultures. Patrycja, our beautiful bride, is Polish and Chris the handsome man of the day is from England. 

As I mentioned above, I knew the bride’s father and therefore I don’t want to disappoint him. I tried my best and to capture the photos before the event started, I went to the bride’s house, I took some random shots there. The bride is getting ready, bridesmaids are busy making the bride look beautiful, a little hustle bustle of her parents, all of this was captured now, and nobody was faking it. Moreover, once I was done clicking enough pictures of preparations I jumped into my car and rushed to the groom’s house. Like I captured the super cute and natural pictures of the bride’s preparation likewise I tried to record all the precious moments of the groom and family and they ought to look so winsome and lovely.

Are you all eager to know about wedding details? Let’s not wait and discuss the real escapade of the day. The venue plays an important role in a wedding, most of you may agree too and, in their case, the venue played its part competently. The Wedding Ceremony took place at Barnsley Town Hall in Yorkshire. Barnsley’s culture is inextricably linked to its mining and glass-making past. Experience The Barnsley Museum & Discovery Centre is the finest way to learn more about the town’s fascinating history, which is told via centuries-old artifacts, papers, videos, and recordings. The ceremony went well, and everything was getting done according to my plan of action. Afterward, all of us went to the hotel Holiday Inn for the celebrations. The food was excellent and the staff of the hotel was very supportive. 

Now it’s shoot time, however, the weather was not perfect to deal with but all thanks to Mother Nature because there was little rain during the day it made the environment so romantic. The lightning was natural, and it was that heartening sunshine being kind towards me. 

Other than that the temperature was comfortable for everyone, and a cloudy sky was making the environment more soothing. The surrounding sounds perfect for a photoshoot.

Light background in the music, bright lights with aesthetic vibes and I was shooting with all my heart. The food was served, I clicked a few shots before and after people were done eating because usually, people don’t like being captured while eating and I respect that, and also, I was busy eating as the food was delicious. But I did not miss out on a single moment to be uncaptured during the cake cutting ceremony where the bride and groom were feeding cake to each other, their family, and friends. Their friends enjoyed the cake cutting ceremony the most as you can see through their pictures of putting the cake on each other’s faces. While children were running in the hall, girls gossiping and the older ones having their discussions, the party ended. I have seen real satisfaction in the eyes of our bride and groom, I am hoping and wishing them a very happy life ahead.

There is no doubt in the fact that we are taking pictures of our precious moments with our family and friends to gain an understanding of our lives and what the moment has to offer in this life. Every Art needs a creative mind to be made so does photography. It is always my aim to extract the creative perspective of the surroundings and capture it with some little thoughts.

A cute little girl with a big bright smile in the picture is nailing it because she was laughing her heart out and I recorded that instant beauty on my camera. She was the cutest guest at Patrycja and Chris’s wedding. Then there are so many pictures of the bride before and after getting dressed and you may observe several photos in the gallery focusing on the bride’s fern-shaped tattoo. Yes, I have put in so much effort to enhance the bride’s tattoo in almost all of her pictures because I found it very creative as a fern symbolizes happiness, a new beginning, and growth. 

Do you think a wedding photoshoot is complete without a single-family picture? Nah, I don’t think so. Similarly, I took countless pictures at the wedding and picked out the best to be displayed in the gallery so that you guys would not find the whole shoot stale. All heart-warming and cute family pictures depict the love and bond between the families and their immeasurable happiness can be seen through the photos.

As you proceed in the gallery there will be more of Patrycja and Chris’s pictures together and the bride’s gorgeous solos. I love the chemistry between the two of them and I loved shooting with this couple.

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