Birthday photography

Birthday Photographer

she told me that hiring a birthday photographer was the best decision in her life!

A beautiful evening of 26th June, which will be a memorable evening with friends for Kamila for the rest of her life. Kamila turned 30 and I am glad that her birthday gave her feelings of a teenage birthday girl’s party, since she enjoyed it a lot and it is evident through the incredibly beautiful pictures, that she has been amused by her birthday party. Instead of ranting about her twenties being ended she welcomed her thirties and that makes her one of a kind. 

In the audience, she had nine women accompanied by two pretty young girls and only one man, which was me. It was an immense pleasure to be at Kamila’s party as her birthday photographer, the three hours I spent there in total were worthy because the pictures I took there were unique & lovely. 

Minimal decoration and the tranquil atmosphere made the process more interesting for me and I enjoyed shooting the event. Colorful balloons at the side, symmetrical order of photo frames on the walls, and little plants everywhere in white pots in her house. Moreover, the atmosphere was very uncluttered and bright at the same time due to the right placement of glass in her room. All these factors make the home’s interior look so aesthetic and pleasant. Since, there were people at the party, music, discussions, and kids goofing around all the place, and the theme and décor of Kamila’s house gave me such warm vibes, so I would say, that there was a peace in that chaotic birthday party which I think some of the birthday photographers miss in certain parties. 

Initially, I started taking her pictures at home and as a birthday photographer, I tried to capture the candid moments beautifully rather than telling to pose candidly, which I find really old school. I believe that the beauty of candid photos is that there is no pretense, but only moments that you capture, to be remembered as memories for the rest of your life. 

The birthday party is more about the good pictures. You all must agree to this, for some more fun after spending a good 1.5 hour the whole crowd went to the nearby park, I went along too. Before going to the park I had some reservations about the theme or the atmosphere, would it be as calming as it was in her house, would I be able to capture the pictures as beautiful as I took in her home without making them pose. The moment I stepped into the park, all my doubts vanished away and my confidence came back. 

When everyone got there, the group shoot started and Kamila looked equally elegant, similar to her in home party photographs. While talking to Kamila I showed her a few clicks of herself and her group. She was blown away as the pictures were amazingly natural yet beautiful, I am not exaggerating, at least her reaction proved it. Afterward, Kamila with a grateful smile told me that hiring a birthday photographer for today was the best decision, while saying it to me she seemed so overwhelmed and excited like a baby at the same time. 

If someone likes your work and you can see it from their face, it is the best and the most satisfying feeling in the world and I felt it at Kamila’s birthday event. The most rewarding sensation I get is when I’m capturing photos. I like to think of myself as a photographer who searches and gathers the beauty of the moment. The most rewarding time in my life has been when the fresh photographs were ready to be viewed when I was a youngster.

Finally, right after some amazing group shoots and a lovely toast with champagne, everyone headed back to the home. The cake cutting ceremony or you can say the main affair of the party happened at home after coming back from the park. Although the crowd was large enough to sing a birthday song out loud, playing a birthday song in the background during the cake cutting ceremony was preferred. With the soothing environment with the music in the background, dim lights, kids messing around, and everyone talking and eating cake, the party ended.

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