Tipi Wedding Venue

Claire & Alex – Wedding venue Bradbury Glade


New beginnings are meant to be beautiful; you just have to trust the magic it is going to offer. Wedding photographers help you to make your one-day event lifetime memorable. Being a photographer I believe that for exceptional results you should find a spark in things others find ordinary. Fancy decoration and fake posing never always work but all you need to do is keep yourself calm and act natural.

This time the wedding venue was very simple with a bohemian vibe and an aesthetic view. The wedding took place on 7th August 2021 in Bradbury Glade venue near Stockton – on – Tees.  Bradbury Glade is a brand new Tipi-Style Wedding Venue in the County Durham region, set within 60 acres of forest. Alex and Claire looked very happy while posing and I took a lot of pictures of them just candidly as well. Their love story is a traditional love story where two people meet at their work and decide to live their lives together. 

There was not any specific theme in the wedding as you can see in the photo gallery with many colors. Yet there was one unique and very eye-pleasing pink flower in almost every guest’s hand along with the bride and groom.  The decoration was minimal which is evident through the pictures. 

What is the most captured object you think after viewing the gallery? Your answer must be the bar and the drinks. Yes, it’s true I kept my eyes on all the decorations and the way all wine glasses and other drinks are showcased is so eye-catching. Moreover, there are some more pictures other than people in it that were captured with little effort, including a black and white picture of a baby shoe and a hand sanitizer picture. I found the text on that sanitizer bottle a little witty and therefore added it to the gallery. 

Similar to the other wedding ceremonies it ended well with a lot of family pictures and many beautiful brides and groom shots. While everyone was enjoying the after-party I was busy planning about how I will be editing these photos. That’s how excited I was to see the final results.

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