Birthday Party


looking for a birthday party photographer?

Through the use of techniques such as color, contrast, and composition, the images convey distinct tales and evoke intense emotional reactions. I urge you to say, the pictures are taken so that there is no reason to explain the scenario through words. Perhaps, the quality should not be compromised at the moment. 

Keeping the points described above, in my mind I tried to capture all the joyous, natural, and storytelling moments in a row. I would not say that event photography is all about candid, posing helps you to level up the game. But for me finding perfection in the natural and candid moments is real happiness. Since the birthday girl was already very excited which helps me collect the top-notch happy moments on my camera.

The sunny light of evening, big bright smile of Kamila and a beautiful flower crown on her head add to the beauty in every picture. I made some pictures in black and white and they give retro feels. You may see that I did not place the pictures in a row with the same theme. Instead I preferred to choose the sequence according to the scenario rather than placing all photos together having the same theme. 

I enjoyed capturing every single moment of the birthday party but where Kamila is reading her birthday cards with an excited smile and cute expressions and she is holding balloons that define her age were my favorite of all. Big and symmetrical group photos with two little girls in the middle are also amazing as the girls are standing with an amazing alignment and style. Everyone was wearing white which threw aesthetic vibes, especially the park which is full of greenery helps the girls to flaunt in their beautiful white dresses. Other than the humans in the party, the external factors also played a great role to make the photo album so aesthetic. The purple flowers, an old swing, the big green trees, and the daylight helped me through the whole process.

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