Beth & Ben’s Lovely Wedding

Beth & Ben’s Lovely Wedding Reception

The wedding reception in the ruins of Jervaulx Abbey.

People who married during the pandemic had to face a lot of chaos, and oftentimes the wedding reception celebrations they could do were also limited. However, now is the time for such couples to have the time of their lives.

One such duo was that of Ben and Beth. That was a celebration that I would remember for a long time, not just because of how the couple was revealing with joy but because of how wonderful the entire event was.

The Reception That They Missed Out On!

So, here’s how it went. Beth and Ben, a beautiful duo that met for the very first time in university, decided to embark upon a mesmerizing journey during one of the most chaotic times, i.e., the pandemic. This wedding reception took place on 30th April 2022, in Ripon without any restrictions, and it was a sight to behold.

Rustic and Aesthetic

Right now, the couple has a cute baby son named Jacob, who was also a part of their event. The wedding took place in the ruins of Jervaulx Abbey. The location had a certain distinctive charm to it, which added an aesthetic appeal to the whole day. The entire wedding reception was set in an elegant white tipi tent that gave a relaxed and rustic vibe.

Contrary to all traditional weddings, this one didn’t have any ceremony because of their wedding they got in 2021 during the pandemic.

Giggles, Laughters and Sunshine!

The duo decided to have a warm wedding reception to celebrate with all family members and friends. And they did precisely that. With soothing music, good food, and the sun giving a scenic vibe to the tipi, the event was all that Beth and Ben could ask for. With the sun peeking out every so often and blooming trees on our horizon, the family and friends were photographed looking like their happiest selves. All in all, it was a perfect spot to photograph and enjoy.

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