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Wedding venues in Barnsley

Venues in Barnsley

The wedding day is, many times, the dream of a lifetime for many. This being said, it is important that, when we finally are able to plan our dreams, we do it the best way possible. Everything must be perfect! The date, the food, the decoration, the clothing and, of course, the vision must be on point to make this day unforgettable and as valuable as the love of those whose bond is being settled so dearly.

This vision is, perhaps, even more important to us, photographers. We are tasked with the amazing goal of portraying the happiest moments of this celebration, giving the engaged couple memories that they will cherish alongside their heir. For this, we also wish our clients to have the prettiest settings to remember, becoming overwhelmed with the beauty of their day.

If you, infatuated couples of Barnsley, share the same wish of perfection that we, photographers, have, then we would like to present you our stunning choices of special wedding venues in Barnsley for you to choose for the perfect wedding. Each one of them has a special feeling to them, making each a special choice for the most different couples.

Special Wedding Venues in Barnsley


  • Holiday Inn

One of the most wished choices of the couples of Barnsley is the astonishing Holiday Inn, located in Barnsley Road. The inn itself is an incredibly comfortable choice for those looking for a place to relax and have a perfect getaway, having settings that will immediately make you feel like you are in a traditional holiday.

The Holiday Inn is proud to be the owner of one of the most beautiful settings for weddings in Barnsley, counting with a space that is both an example of a classical wedding setting, and a calming space amongst nature. The place is perfect for outside and inside ceremonies, with wide space complete for every aspect of the ceremony.

If you want somewhere with everything you could ask for, such as a beautiful place to share your love, comfortable rooms, a great space for the perfect dinner, an amazing dance floor, and a great service, we for sure recommend you consider Holiday Inn as a primary choice of one of our special wedding venues in Barnsley.

    • Tankersley Manor

    Another one of our favorite special wedding venues in Barnsley is the Tankersley Manor, located in Church Lane. The place is bound to an authentic experience, and an astonishing view, mesmerizing each one of its visitors with its beauty and excellence in service.

    The picturesque vision of the facilities of the Tankersley Manor Hotel can be too similar to the ones of the shared dreams of young couples. At the same time it can be considered a classical setting, it is also a rustic example of an elegant place for weddings, making it perfect for both calm and opulent ceremonies and exotic hectic wedding parties.

    Either you are looking for a tender and sweet ceremony, or to have an incredibly excited party, with lots of sound and color, you are bound to consider Tankersley Manor. Make a visit and see with your own eyes the uniqueness of this rare setting.


  • Shaw Lane Sports Club

Many times, a sports club isn’t considered the ideal place for a wedding, but this one is for sure an exception. Located nearby the Keresforth Centre, the Shaw Lane Sports Club has been the choice of many people for athletic practices, and of couples for their special date.

Shaw Lane Sports Club counts with many wedding packages, perfect for the most different occasions and situations, giving each couple their special ceremony according to their taste and need. There are 4 different rooms available, each one being made for you to decorate and adapt to your style.

In this sports club, you can decide what will be better for the specialty of your wedding. You can make the ceremony space become your classical fantasy, your modern vision or even your modest desire.


There are many more…

Of course that the Barnsley wedding venues available are not limited to these amazing options for you to choose, and our goal will remain the same regardless of it: capturing the love and the emotion of your event and externalizing it in your heart and eyes! However, if you feel interested by our tips, check some out and discover one of the best places to make your dreams come true!

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