Wedding Photohrapher in Wakefield

Wedding photography in Wakefield

Fallon & Craig tied the knot at Wakefield

An autumn mood wedding photography in Wakefield-capturing two people joining together in holy matrimony is truly a special occasion. It is hard to put aside our emotions as wedding photographers because witnessing the culmination of a romance is a real privilege.

I had the pleasure to photograph such a romance on 9th October when I went to Wakefield for Fallon and Craig’s wedding. The day began with the perfect autumn weather, with a pleasant chill in the air. I captured the couple getting ready for the ceremony, which is always an important part of any wedding photoshoot as it adds an element of storytelling. The bride especially was grinning ear to ear, and her energy was infectious.

Wedding Photography in Wakefield

The wedding ceremony was held at The White Horse in the village of Sharlston. I was initially apprehensive about doing wedding photography in a small village. So many things can go haywire, like a piece of equipment malfunctioning, and it is harder to find a solution in such circumstances. But things could not have gone better. The entire ceremony went smoothly, and the venue photographed pretty well.

The function room was spacious and had a private patio. The orange carpet on the floor of the room complimented the blue dresses of the bridesmaids and the groom’s blue suit and made the bride in white stand out. The wooden doors and windows added a rustic charm to the overall aesthetics and gave the ceremony a relaxed and inviting look. The outside of the hotel looked like an old manor house. There were plenty of candid shots with guests talking and dancing in the garden and even a cute little girl doing acrobatics in a dress.

This was my first time doing wedding photography in Wakefield, but it definitely won’t be the last as the city is absolutely beautiful. I finished off the day by getting a few pictures of the couple. That is, while they were in the car drinking champagne to wind down and end the day.

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