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Documentary Wedding Photographer

I want my style to be associated as documentary wedding photography – that is why I capture the wedding, as I see it and limit my direction to the handful of posing shots, and even the couple shoot is informal, fun and relaxed – it is more like a walk together where I will help you relax, laugh and enjoy the short time away from the rest of the wedding (you won’t have much time alone for the rest of the day so enjoy it!).

This Is Me

My name is Damian. I come from Poland, but for many years I have been calling Great Britain my home. And the word ‘home’ means a lot to me. Me and my brother were raised by a single mother and that made me realize how important it is to have roots, caring family and a place you can call your own. Right now I am also a husband to my beautiful and incredibly smart wife, Monika, and a father to Natan, our 8 years old son, who is always full of ideas and creative energy. We also have a smaller member of our family – Dollar, our crazy Shih-Tzu, that took on a mission to make us smile every single moment of each day.

documentary wedding photographer
That's what I love and I can't stop loving

We are a happy family and we are not afraid to fight for what we have got. It is the source of my strength and the greatest inspiration for my work. It is also the reason I work hard, give it a 100% each time and challenge myself to become a better person, better father,  husband  and a better photographer.

I am really lucky having to do what I am mostly passionate about. Photography  is a beautiful way of making a living and I can not imagine doing anything else. I enjoy becoming a part of life for Young Couples, who want to start their own families. I like getting to know them, figuring out what makes them special. Because each couple is special. It means a lot to me that they choose me as the person, who captures the most important day of their lives. I like to think we stay connected and this connection becomes alive every time they look at their wedding photos.

Family-photography-hiking-scuba diving

Long hikes through the mountains. Breathtaking views and a group of people with whom I can fully relax. This is my another big passion. I love to spend time away of crowded cities with the head in the clouds.

To find some more about my trips please visit my blog.

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