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Emma & Johnathan Wedding at Hellidon Lakes

The Best wedding photos for The Charismatic Couple

Casual, charismatic, and chirpy – Emma and Jonathan were an absolute pleasure to work with! I love working with laid-back, relaxed, and fun couples; it gives me much more room to treasure natural emotions. 05 March 2022 – Emma and Jon’s special day, and we began creating memories with the bride. The air at Emma’s house was filled with warmth and love. She was joined by her mother, close family, and friends. Emma was a vision to behold in an elegant, exquisitely tailored white gown. I am grateful for being able to photograph their special moments of joy and give them eternal memories.

The boys

Moving on to the boys – what a fantastic lot! At the hotel, we had Jonathan, his brothers, endless banter, and a whole lot of fun. These guys have allowed me to capture some of the best wedding photos of my life.

The Charm of Church Charwelton

The wedding ceremony took place at Church Charwelton in Northamptonshire. Aged back to the 14th century, with carved relief around its windows and ancient alter furnishings, this church is an architectural marvel. They made a lovely couple – Emma & Jonathan. The best wedding photos I took here covered majestic aisles, gleeful glimpses, and emotional vows.

Nestled between breathtakingly beautiful grounds, Hellidon Lakes Hotel & Spa near Daventry was an exquisite choice by Emma and Jon. Amid picturesque views, majestic halls, and opulent interiors, the newly-wed shone in bright light.

Mesmerizing Moments & Memories

As a photographer, I am extremely passionate about creating memories. Emma and Jon’s choice of breathtaking venues allowed me to express my passion through memorable photographs. I have taken some of the best wedding photos and hope to leave this couple with wonderful memories forever.

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